Two men accused of killing a Southern Utah State College student north of Cove Fort, Millard County, are scheduled to appear in the East Millard Justice of the Peace Court for a preliminary hearing Jan. 24.

Michael Anthony Archuleta, 26, and Lance Conway Wood, 20, are being held in the Millard County jail without bail, charged with kidnapping and killing Gordon Ray Church, 28.Officers found the victim's body Nov. 23, 1988. They were led to the scene by Wood, who, according to an affidavit, claimed he witnessed the murder and that it was committed by Archuleta.

At the time of the arrests, Justice of the Peace Ron Hare issued a gag order, preventing law enforcement and court officers from releasing information about the case. Details of the crime were revealed through an affidavit made public Dec. 9, however. The information was based on an interview with Wood by Iron County Attorney Scott Burns.

Hare set two days for the hearing but ordered it closed to the public. Reporters have complained about the closure and are trying to get the hearing opened. They are scheduled to argue their case Jan. 25, but that is the day after the hearing will begin.