A man critically injured in an auto-pedestrian accident Jan. 13 and two people injured in separate automobile accidents on Jan. 3 have been released from area hospitals.

Paul Hahn, 87, Salt Lake, was crossing State Street at about 33rd South at 6:30 a.m. on Jan. 13, when he was struck by a car. Police believe Hahn was either crossing against the traffic signal or was moving so slowly that he failed to clear the intersection before the light changed.Leland Matthews, 50, Salt Lake, was injured in a head-on collision when another car swerved to miss a car that slowed suddenly. The car swung into the lane in which Matthews was driving, resulting in the accident.

David R. Mortensen, 23, Sandy, was injured in an accident on I-15. Mortensen's car struck another vehicle which had crossed through the center median and into Mortensen's lane when its tire blew.