A privately owned medical plane carrying a newborn infant from Boise was forced to land with its landing gear up Thursday about 6:45 p.m. at Salt Lake International Airport, but no one was injured.

The Mitsubishi Marquise, an air ambulance, which also carried a two-person medical crew and a pilot and copilot, skidded about 2,000 feet down the main air carrier runway, scattering debris from aircraft for several thousand feet.Sandra Wilkins, a Primary Children's Medical Center spokeswoman, said the baby, identified only by its last name, Yrazabal, was being flown to Salt Lake because of complications at birth and for abdominal surgery. The baby was not injured in the landing and was in stable condition Friday morning.

Pilot Cory Chamberlain and co-pilot Craig Corey and the medical crew also were not injured.

The crew of the plane, owned by Barken International of Salt Lake, had no idea they would have a problem until the aircraft set down on the runway, said Ken Hepner, Barken International owner.

The incident is being investigated by the Seattle region office of the Federal Aviation Administration, but Hepner said he suspects the plane's landing gear was frozen in the wheel wells.