"I wouldn't know that other man from Adam."

That was the reaction Friday of Paul W. Nielsen, 10966 S. 17th West, South Jordan, to reading in the Deseret News that Paul W. Nielsen had been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a federal indictment alleging penny stock manipulation.The U.S. attorney's office, after checking with the FBI, confirmed that the Nielsen named in the court action lives at an entirely different address in Sandy.

Nielsen of South Jordan said he nearly fell off his chair when he read the Deseret News and saw his name in the story about stock manipulation. "I'm still living on the farm I was born on here in South Jordan," he said.

Relatives telephoned him from Arizona, when the story started to circulate through the family that he'd been named in the action. "Of course I laughed about it. I knew it wasn't so," he said.

"Every one of my kids called me - I have six daughters. We all buy the Deseret News and read it." By another peculiar coincidence, he said, he believes his checking account is at the same bank as the other Paul W. Nielsen.