City officials have honored two men who subdued a robber at a convenience store that failed to thank the heroes for their help.

Gary Barker and Kevin King received certificates of appreciation and were cited as West Valley citizens of the month during the City Council's meeting Thursday night.The pair entered a convenience store near 35th South and Redwood Road last November when the clerk told the men she was just robbed and that the robber was still in the store.

King and Barker pushed a man to the floor and sat on him while police were called. The man, who threatened the pair and became violent, was later found to have used a harmonica to hold up the clerk.

The men thanked city officials for the award, which they said was the only sign of appreciation received for their act. The convenience chain has not sent a letter of thank you to the men, they said.

"The only thing we got was headaches going to court," said Barker.