When John Paul Ballif heard his hubcaps clank on the pavement outside his office he saw two options: Chase down the hubcap bandits or pay $190 apiece to replace the stolen parts.

So he grabbed the keys to his 1977 Cadillac and started chasing two men in a small pickup truck as they drove through the Midvale neighborhood near his office."This is going to be a piece of cake," Ballif said he thought to himself - surely there were police officers patrolling the area that would see him honking his horn and flashing the car lights.

But the Wednesday evening chase continued on I-15 from Midvale to Brigham City and back to the 21st Street exit in Ogden before Ballif spotted a single police car - or before a police officer spotted him.

"After about an hour and 20 minutes I thought `how could this happen,' " Ballif said after not seeing a single police car. "It was kind of scary, I didn't know if they had a gun or not."

The men in the pickup tried to ditch Ballif a number of times, he said, "But the old Cadillac just had too much power for them."

By the time an Ogden officer stopped Ballif, he was almost out of gas and the horn had worn out. "I yelled out my window `they've taken my hubcaps. I've been chasing them for an hour.' I just took off after them again. I didn't even wait for a response (from the officer)."

Officers booked a 19-year-old West Jordan man into the Weber County Jail. He was later transferred to the Salt Lake County Jail where he was being held Friday for investigation of felony theft and a bench warrant for petty larceny. A juvenile was referred to juvenile court.