The Selective Service System is looking for a few young men - those who should have registered for the draft in 1981.

Beginning Jan. 1, men who were required to register with Selective Service in 1981 will be turning 26. With few exceptions, those who haven't registered by their 26th birthday will permanently forfeit their eligibility for federal student aid, job training and federal employment. They also face possible felony prosecution, said Selective Service State Director Leland D. Ford.Some states also require registration for state student aid, entrance to state-supported colleges and universities, state employment and permission to practice law.

Many of the men who have not registered may be unaware of the requirement or do not understand the importance of their obligation to register. Some may even be veterans who did not register before entering the armed forces or after leaving active duty.

In a Selective Service release, Ford said men age 18 through 25 who have not yet registered can avoid the risk of prosecution and loss of benefits by registering promptly at any post office. Failure to register is a felony punishable by a fine of up to $250,000, up to 5 years in prison, or both.

For those men born in 1963 who have registered, 1986 marks the year ending their eligibility for selection for induction into military service.