During Thursday's hearing, prosecutors asked Murphy to sentence the Swapp brothers and Singer consecutively, meaning their state sentences would begin when the federal sentences have been served.

Defense attorneys, on the other hand, asked that the state sentences run concurrently with the federal.If Murphy decides to sentence consecutively, he may run afoul with a Utah law that says the minimum total of all sentences imposed in such cases cannot exceed 12 years.

Addam faces minimum sentences in federal court of 15 years, which would prohibit Murphy from adding a consecutive sentence for manslaughter, which carries a term of one to 15 years.

The same could apply to Singer, who faces at least 111/2 years in federal prison. A consecutive sentence by Murphy would push Singer's total minimum sentence over 12 years, which, depending on the interpretation, could exceed the limit under Utah law.

The law would not apply to Jonathan, who only faces a minimum of 10 years in federal prison and faces no minimum state prison time for negligent homicide, which carries a term of zero to 15.

Murphy said he will study the law and consider written arguments from both sides before next Thursday's sentencing. "I just don't understand it," he said.