Maureen Dillion crawls on the hard floor of the Capitol Rotunda Friday as her mother, Terry Dillion of Salt Lake City, keeps an eye on the baby while she listens to a discussion about abortion. Dillion joined about 50 opponents of legalized abortions for a somber observance of the U.S. Supreme Court decision known as Roe vs. Wade. The decision, handed down in 1973, legalized abortions and allowed the federal government to fund abortions for women unable to pay for them. Representatives of every Utah congressman and an aide to Gov. Norm Bangerter spoke at the gathering. All of the officials have registered their opposition to abortion and their concern that some women undergo abortions as a matter of convenience rather than necessity. However, none of the elected officials was able to attend the observance because they were in Washington for the inauguration of President Bush. The speakers all said they look forward with optimism to an upcoming Supreme Court challenge to the ruling. They also expressed hope that Bush eventually will appoint new justices who will overturn the decision. "We have hope for it," said Dee Nielson, president of Utah Valley Right to Life.