"Just hang loose for a while," was the advice given to Republicans in the House by Rep. Glen Brown, R-Coalville, about what position they should take on cutting taxes.

Brown told them at a Thursday caucus that GOP leadership will announce its proposal for reducing taxes next week, after the plan is presented to Gov. Norm Bangerter. The governor, who is in Washington, D.C. for the presidential inauguration, is due back in the state Monday.What the caucus did discuss was a proposal from Bangerter's Tax Limitation Plan Committee to limit state government spending according to the growth in inflation and population, so spending does not outpace either.

The proposal, approved by the committee which included Brown and other legislators as well as government officials and businessmen, also calls for a freeze on property taxes levied by the state for schools.

Although the caucus questioned the committee's proposal, which has a number of details yet to be worked out, all but two of the Republican representatives gave it a tentative endorsement.