More pupils returned to class in the wake of the bloody attack on the Cleveland School and children recovering from wounds showed signs of spirit, with one 6-year-old telling her mother, "I'm really mad."

Eight children were listed in stable condition at hospitals Thursday night and six others who were wounded, including teacher Janet Geng, were in fair condition.Five children were killed and 30 people were injured Tuesday when Patrick Edward Purdy slipped onto the campus and opened fire on the schoolyard with an AK-47 assault rifle, then shot himself to death.

Sara Colvin, 6, recovering at Doctor's Hospital in Lodi from a bullet wound in the thigh, sat up and combed her doll's hair, her mother said. Susan Colvin said her daughter told her: "I'm mad, I'm real mad" about being shot.

A semblance of normality returned to the school Thursday when 674 students showed up for class - more than double the 275 who came to school the day after Tuesday's tragedy. A total of 986 students are enrolled.

During recess, screams of play, not terror, were heard on the playground. One boy burst out of a doorway, holding a broomstick as if it were a rifle.

"I've got a shotgun for you," he shouted to no one in particular before darting back inside the doorway.