President Reagan pardoned New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner for his violation of election law during the 1972 re-election campaign of Richard Nixon, while two other well-known people were still waiting to hear about the status of their pardon pleas.

A senior administration official said Thursday that Reagan approved the pardon of Steinbrenner and nine other men. The Justice Department had recommended the pardons, and Reagan gave his OK earlier this week.But the official would not say precisely whether any more pardons would be forthcoming. Among those with pardons pending are industrialist Armand Hammer and newspaper heiress Patty Hearst Shaw. It could not be determined whether the Justice Department's pardons office had made recommendations on their applications.

Under normal procedures, a pardon request is sent to the pardons office, reviewed and then sent to the White House. Reagan has granted relatively few pardons, with no more than 350 approved in his eight years in the office.

None of the nine other men receiving pardons this week was well-known. They had served time or paid fines for a variety of offenses ranging from income tax evasion and possession of stolen firearms to concealment of non tax-paid whiskey.

Steinbrenner pleaded guilty in 1974 to charges of violating the federal election laws. He had been accused of conspiring to violate the laws in connection with corporate campaign contributions.