Mohammed Amar Jerandal, an Arab suspected of collaborating with Israel, was shot dead overnight when he opened the door of his home in Atil village to Palestinian militants, security sources said Friday.

In another West Bank village, Arabeh, troops Thursday shot and wounded nine Palestinians who were stoning the home of relatives of the Israeli-appointed mayor of Jenin, the army said.Security sources and Palestinians reported that eight Arabs were wounded by troops and another four by one of the relatives, who was also accused by Palestinians of collaborating with Israel.

More than a dozen Palestinians suspected of collaboration have been killed during a 13-month-old uprising against Israeli rule.

The 1 million Palestinians of the West Bank staged a commercial strike Thursday for the third straight day to protest mounting Arab casualties, apparently the result of Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin's new crackdown on stone-throwers.

One Palestinian was killed and 37 were wounded in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Thursday.