SB141 (C.E. Peterson) _ Provides that credit agreements are void unless written and signed by the creditor and debtor.

SJR6 (Christensen) _ Changes the state Constitution's corporation article in several technical ways.


HB192 (Adams) _ Clarifies where service of process takes place for non-residents driving on state highways.

HB193 (Protzman) _ Exempts non-prescription medicine from sales tax.

HB194 (Protzman) _ Increases the amount of the federal personal exemption deductible from state income tax.

HB195 (Protzman) _ Replaces the income tax deduction for federal taxes paid with a deduction for FICA taxes paid and other retirement contributions.

HB196 (Price) _ Allows consumers to rescind purchases of motor vehicles, clarifies reasonable cause for license suspension, provides notice to consumers that a license has been suspend, allows temporary permits to be voided and requires remittance of warranty fee.

HB197 (Slack) _ Requires motor fuel retailers to sell or make available other motor vehicle products.

HB198 (Adams) _ Gives the Public Service Commission limited jurisdiction over public utilities composed of government entities.

HB199 (Allen) _ Directs the Public Service Commission to endeavor to make available universal telecommunications services at just and reasonable rates.

HB200 (Ellertson) _ Exempts some cities organized under the optional forms of the municipal government act from the requirements of establishing a civil service commission and employee appeal boards if they have established alternative employee grievance procedures.

HB201 (Burningham) _ Provides that the administrator of teacher certification may give local public and private school administrators with information that may be significant in evaluating the employment or continued employment of school employees, provides the state office of education with access to information on expunged records, requires law enforcement agencies to notify public and private schools of criminal offenses committed by school employees, and makes information regarding sex offenders available to the state office of education.

HB202 (Karras) _ Postpones making the Utah Housing Finance Agency subject to certain procedures and state laws.

HB203 (Atkinson) _ Provides for statewide child support guidelines to be established by the Office of Recovery Services, provides that the guidelines create a rebuttable presumption as of a specified date and provides for review of the guidelines by the Judicial Council.

HB204 (Nix) _ Provides that tax penalty revenues be budgeted and appropriated for the fiscal year after they are collected.

HJR12 (Hunter) _ Proposes to amend the Utah Constitution to clarify certain provisions of the labor article and repeal others.

HJR13 (Olsen) _ Proposes to amend the Utah Constitution to limit the Legislature in appropriating estimated state revenues in any fiscal year, establish a budget reserve account for certain excess revenues and provide for the appropriation of money in the budget reserve account.

HJR14 (Olsen) _ Proposes to amend the Utah Constitution to require a super-majority vote of the Legislature to increase taxes.