Two private consultants who were implicated in the ongoing investigation of Pentagon corruption were barred along with their companies from doing business with the Navy.

The sanctions were ordered against William L. Parkin, of Alexandria, Va., and his consulting firm, Crest Inc., and Fred H. Lackner, of Woodland Hills, Calif., and his company, Acris Associates.The action had been expected since Jan. 10, when the Pentagon announced that Lackner, Parkin and several other companies and individuals were being considered for suspension as a result of a federal indictment.

The indictment alleges that Teledyne Electronics and its employees paid Parkin to obtain details about a Navy radar contract worth more than $100 million. Parkin then paid Lackner, who in turn gave bribes to Stuart Berlin, a Navy contracting officer, the indictment asserts.

All three men have pleaded innocent.