For a guy 0-10 as a college coach, Brad Cattermole has big plans.

Cattermole, you see, enters his first full season as coach of the Brigham Young women's gymnastics team Friday when the Lady Cougars open against Washington in Smith Fieldhouse, 7 p.m.He stepped in as coach in February 1988 when Rod and Debbie Hill left; he inherited an injured team that didn't win but did set a school-record team total of 185.0.

Now, with six freshmen of his own recruiting plus six back from last year, Cattermole is talking NCAA championship qualification - "a legitimate shot," he says - and averaging 185 - "not out of the realm of possibility."

He's also talking an aggressive attitude like no one's ever heard from the BYU women's team before.

"We're taking chances," says Cattermole, who retains his private club, All-American Gymnastics in Orem, from which he recruited several girls. "The kids we have are not the type who want to play it safe."

In the past, BYU recruited women serious about BYU; if they happened to be top gymnasts, fine. Cattermole pursues serious gymnasts. "Not necessarily superstars," he explains, but "kids with something to prove."

BYU junior Wendy Hutchings, who holds the school record on bars, says she feels revitalized. "When I came here," Hutchings said, "gymnastics was still my life, and I wanted to work hard."

Before long, her "competitive edge fizzled, and so did everyone else's."

"But now," Hutchings says, "everyone is working hard and wanting to do the best we can. It's all coming back."

Seniors on the squad are Lori Brady, Jenny Cardoza and Sonja Lieder. Hutchings and Bev Snell are the juniors, and sophomores are Marianne Williams and Heidi Radoff. Cattermole's first recruiting class consists of Tana Burningham, Angela Carbone, Kori Jackman, Kobi Love, Lori Orme and Shauna Sudbury.