Basketball players at San Jose State University said Wednesday they refuse to participate in practice or games if Bill Berry remains coach, the university said.

The action follows a walkout by several team players at Tuesday practice after a meeting with Berry.Players met with San Jose State Athletic Director Randy Hoffman and gave him a letter indicating that 10 of the team's 14 members eligible to play refused to participate under Berry, Fan said.

The players have charged that Berry is too critical and abusive during games. "We're fed up with it. We're tired of the system and him," said one player who talked on condition of anonymity.

The team Wednesday afternoon was supposed to leave for Orange County, where they were scheduled to play Fullerton Thursday night. The players, however, weren't on the plane. But Fan said the university, after the meeting between Hoffman and the players, rescheduled the flight to Thursday morning.

At a news conference Wednesday evening, Hoffman said "it is not the university's policy to release coaches in midseason."