A former Davis School District teacher once found guilty on charges he assaulted a student has dropped all claims against the Davis School Board, who wouldn't rehire the man after a judge acquitted him.

The board released a statement Tuesday night saying it will pay $7,500 to Clark Wangsgard for "costs he incurred for lost wages and benefits and relocation costs attendant to finding other employment." In turn, Wangsgard has released the district from future claims and liabilities.Wangsgard, whose family lives in Ogden, was unavailable for comment.

"We are glad to get it over with," said Kathie Bone, Davis Education Association president.

Wangsgard lost his teaching job at Centerville Junior High School in 1986 after he was charged and convicted. Several students said they saw Wangsgard strike and kick a 13-year-old student in October 1985. Wangsgard claimed the student had disrupted the class and he had lifted him from his seat and ejected him from the classroom by placing his foot on his backside.

Fourth Circuit Court Judge Alfred C. Van Wagenen later reversed the conviction and ruled that Wangsgard acted properly in disciplining the student. The decision was hailed by the Davis Education Association as a victory for teachers who need to discipline children. The board, however, denied Wangsgard's appeals, citing other reasons for not reinstating him.

Wangsgard filed a personal injury suit in 2nd District Court against the board in November 1987, claiming that the board had violated the state's open meeting law by not closing a meeting to talk about him with a two-thirds vote. Wangsgard also claimed that Superintendent Richard Kendell inappropriately discussed with the board his marital relationship and ability to handle debt.