"It was either leave him or kill him. Anything he did bothered me."

Prosecutors say that's the reason Edward Tuinman gave for abandoning his developmentally disabled 7-year-old son, Eddy Jr., at a freeway rest stop near Boise on Jan. 4.Young Eddy was found wearing only a T-shirt and with bruises and burn marks all over his body. Three days later, his parents were arrested on I-15 near Nephi, Utah. Known only as "Johnny Doe" when first brought to a Boise hospital, Eddy remained unidentified because he could not speak.

Edward Tuinman, 29, and his wife Deborah, 28, were arraigned Wednesday before Idaho Magistrate Lewis Woods and ordered held on $50,000 bond each. Both were assigned a public defender, although Edward Tuinman said he did not want a lawyer and wanted to enter a plea. He did not indicate what that plea would be. He told the judge that his wife should be released because she was not involved with abandoning their son.

Woods, who set a Jan. 31 preliminary hearing on the matter, told Tuinman, who said he could not read, that he would not be able to enter a plea until the case is bound over to a district court for trial.

Eddy is in foster care in Idaho, and three other Tuinman children are in protective custody in Utah.