The future of a controversial shopping center proposed for the corner of 114th South and 10th East is up in the air again.

Sandy Mayor Steve Newton said he would veto the City Council's approval of the project's rezoning and make the developer, Busch Corp., start over from scratch if council members refused to reconsider their decision. They decided to reconsider.But even the mayor said his action won't stop the center altogether, and he's not dead set against the project himself. He agrees with the council that the area needs the services the shopping center will provide. "All my veto does is open up the dialogue between the council and the neighbors" who oppose the project, he said.

Newton said he wants to discuss ways to mitigate problems the project could create. Important issues such as hours of operation, lighting, liquor and beer sales and landscaping haven't been adequately addressed, he said.

At Tuesday night's council meeting, council members set no date for a new meeting on the matter and did not decide whether to hold a new public hearing or just discuss the project further. But they said they will notify the developer and area residents when they schedule something.

Two weeks ago, the council gave the Busch Corp. the go-ahead for the 13-acre shopping center, following an earlier rejection of a larger proposal. Councilman Dennis Tenney said yet another reduction will probably occur, but Councilman Bryant Anderson said he's concerned that the project not be trimmed to the point that it's no longer viable.