SB137 (McMullin) - A high school that allows a student to graduate after 11th grade will still get that student's state funding the next year.SB138 (McMullin) - Clarifies the powers of the legislative auditor general and his subpoena powers.

SB139 (Carling) - Requires the revocation of a liquor license if an establishment closes without authorization by the state.

SB140 (Carling) - Prohibits gambling in any establishment that holds a state liquor license.


HB189 (Nix) - Provides an additional retirement deduction for spouses with little or no retirement income.

HB190 (Bishop) - Exempts certified aestheticians from the massage practice act.

HB191 (C. Moody) - Clarifies the voter registration form and specifies membership on the state central committee of the state's political parties.

HCR3 (Karras) - Recognizes Weber State College for 100 years of service.

HR5 (Stephens) - Encourages telephone companies to use profits to update telephone techonolgy in areas without adequate technology to provide 911 emergency service.