Provo has received more snowfall the first 31/2 months of this water year than any similar period since the flood years of 1983 and 1984, according to snowfall records at the Provo-Brigham Young University weather station.

Since Oct. 1, when the water year began, 52 inches of snow have fallen at the Provo weather station, south of the BYU campus, on Eighth North between Forth and Fifth East. BYU's geography department operates the station.Snowfall throughout the county varies, but the 30-year average from Oct. 1 through Jan. 12 at the Provo station is 51 inches. With several snowy months remaining this winter, the Provo area likely will exceed the average snowfall this winter.

The most snow recorded at the Provo station during the past decade was the 1983-84 water year, a total of 127.5 inches.

The maximum snow depth recorded so far this winter is 11 inches (outside of shaded areas). In the mid-1980s, maximum snow depth was 15 inches, while snow depths reached 3 feet during the 1948-49 winter.