Ripple Crisp bills itself as a flake cereal with ridges. The ridges are to "lock out the milk and keep the delicious taste." The 13.5-ounce box "golden corn" or the 15-ounce "honey bran" retail for about $2.71.

Don Russell (married, five children at home, ages 4-14): "These dime-shaped flakes are lightly sweetened and rather thick. Our honey bran variety looked a little bit like miniature ripple potato chips. This cereal seems geared toward adults rather than children. I think this cereal has the potential to survive if it can be positioned to stand out among the myriad of cereals available on today's market."Edyth Jensen (married, three children and two grandchildren at home): "This cereal does stay crisp to the last spoonful. The family seemed to enjoy it. The flavor is good and there is just enough sweet-coating so you don't have to add more sugar."

Nihla Lake (married, four children at home): "This little rippled flake represents a major advantage in mankind's relentless war on an age-old nemesis - the soggy cereal. The taste was pretty nondescript - nothing too outstanding - maybe the flavor was sacrificed for crunch."

Rich Firmage (married, three children, oldest is age 8): "This cereal was OK. It tasted a lot like Wheaties Gold, although I like the Wheaties a bit better. This cereal was very crunchy which is a plus. The problem with a new cereal is that unless it is unbelievably good it will be just another of the millions of cereals on the shelves in the stores."

Bill Allred (single): "Who eats all those different kinds of cereal you see on the grocer's shelves? Who makes a habit of buying King Vitamin cereal or Boo Berry?

"So here's yet another box of breakfast cereal to compete for shelf space. I think Ripple Crisp will have to taste a lot better than it does now to push even King Vitamin out of the stores. Ripple Crisp is tasteless and unremarkable. I would not buy this cereal. I may, however, give King Vitamin cereal a try."

Conclusion: We can for sure say that Ripple Crisp doesn't get soggy in milk. But you might note it hardly made a ripple in the taste department.