The Davis School Board approved 11 options Tuesday night to help accommodate growth in the district's junior high and high schools and named four elementary schools that are eligible to be pilot year-round schools next fall.

The board voted to accept the district administration's proposed list of options that include boundary changes, constructing new classrooms at five junior high schools, studying use of space and having open enrollment at two south Davis high schools. The board also wants to consider turning the Davis Area Vocational Center into a magnet school and offering summer courses so high school students can graduate early.Board Member Ray Briscoe asked that a open enrollment at all district schools be added to the list. The board agreed to direct the administration to gather preliminary data on the option for addition to the list.

The board will hold a final vote on the list of options for all schools on Feb. 7.

The board directed that committees begin studying six proposals, some of which are expected to be implemented as soon as next fall (see accompanying story). Studies on other proposals, including boundary changes at high schools, aren't scheduled until later this year.

The board also adopted guidelines that say teachers, students and administrators should all be equally involved in decisions about school changes. A committee with representatives from all three groups will present its decision to the school board. The board has agreed it will hold public hearings on all proposals, although no times for public hearings have yet been set. The board also wants to implement the least disruptive plans first.

In the case of high schools, Superintendent Richard Kendell said, that means boundary changes would be the last option to be considered.

"A boundary change is a fail-safe option. If none of the others work we know that boundary changes will make space in our schools," he said.

The board named Adams, Columbia, East Layton and Knowlton elementary schools, all located in Layton, as eligible to become year-round pilot schools next August. Currently Knowlton and Adams are on extended-day schedules. Eight other schools have also been targeted by the board for study of alternative schedules, but are not eligible for a year-round schedule study.