A litter of toilet paper decorated the steps and south lawn of the State Capitol Wednesday morning. Among the targets was the statue of the noble Indian Massasoit, who befriended the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. Security officials received an anonymous phone call early Wednesday from a caller who claimed to represent the homeless and said the toilet paper escapade was a protest against their situation, said Jack Quintana, assistant director for the Division of Facilities, Construction and Management. There was no way to confrim who was responsible. While cleaning up the mess, Capitol maintenance officials found a plastic sack containing 10 unused rolls of paper. An anonymous caller tipped the Deseret News about 7:30 a.m. Quintana said he couldn't recall any previous incidence of toilet paper being strewn about the Capitol, although the stone steps have seen a variety of protests. "Rarely do we get a kind of protest that will leave any debris," Quintana said.