Pet owners who like to put Fido or Rover in the back of the pickup truck and go for a drive may have problems if they drive through Sandy.

The City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday night prohibiting the transporting of live animals unless they're enclosed in a vehicle or in a container or tied up so they can't reach the edge of the vehicle.Animal Control Director Joan Casey said it's too easy for unrestrained animals to fall or jump out of pickup trucks and convertibles and be killed. She also said people are endangered when animals are left unrestrained in the back of trucks in parking lots. Dogs have been known to bite passers-by.

Casey said a bill in the Legislature to apply similar restrictions statewide probably won't pass because of opposition from rural areas, but the restrictions are appropriate for urban areas like Sandy.

Police Chief Larry Lunnen supported the ordinance, although he said a law enforcement coordinating committee is opposing the statewide bill.

Casey said Sandy animal control officers won't pull drivers over for having dogs loose in the back of a truck, because they're not authorized to make traffic stops, but the police can and will.