The Salt Lake Board of Education has put on hold the redrawing of elementary-school boundaries in the city's northwest quadrant.

Superintendent John W. Bennion recommended that the board delay action for up to a year so that several other options could be explored and as many parents as possible could be involved in making the decision.A citizens committee two weeks ago reported to the board that a boundary change appeared to be the best solution for overcrowding at Newman Elementary School, 1269 Colorado Ave. The committee, however, said parents in the affected area, who had not seen the proposal, would resist the change because their children had been moved in a boundary change six years ago.

Bennion said that in the past two weeks, discussions with those involved have indicated Newman probably could stay at its 90 percent occupancy rate for another year until a solution could be worked out to everyone's satisfaction.

Board member F. Keith Stepan said he received many calls from parents who wanted all options considered before a decision was made. "I don't think they feel there is the pressure for an immediate decision," he said.