A woman spectator at the murder trial of three members of the Singer-Swapp clan pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of trying to enter the courtroom with a concealed weapon in her purse.

Third Circuit Judge Maurice Jones fined Carla Foster, 36, Salt Lake City, $300 on her guilty plea to the misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Jones initially sentenced Foster to 30 days in jail but suspended the term to six months probation.The woman was arrested outside the courtroom Dec. 15, 1988, when officers checking spectators found a .25-caliber, semi-automatic handgun with six bullets in the clip inside her purse. Foster was detained briefly and then released.

Trial Judge Michael Murphy then barred Foster from entering the courthouse during the remainder of the trial of Addam Swapp, 27, his brother, Jonathan, 21, and his brother-in-law, John Timothy Singer, 22.

On Dec. 22 the jury convicted Addam Swapp and Singer on manslaughter charges in the Jan. 28, 1988, slaying of state Corrections Lt. Fred House during a shootout that ended a 13-day standoff at the family's Marion farm.