A train plowed into a bus Wednesday at an unguarded rail crossing, killing at least 32 people in the third such accident in northeast China in a month, an official report said.

Those killed were on the bus, as were 41 other people who were injured, the Xinhua News Agency said. It said there was no word of any casualties among people on the train.The train was traveling in Huinan County in Jilin province when it collided with the bus, pushing it about 90 feet up the track, Xinhua said. The front car of the train derailed, it said.

The accident was similar to two others in the past month in northeast China.

Thirty-one people were killed, including members of a bridal party, when a freight train collided with a bus Jan. 1 in Heilongjiang province, north of Jilin.

Forty-six people died and 67 were injured when a train in Liaoning province, south of Jilin, collided with a bus Dec. 23.

So far, no rail officials or local authorities have announced measures to prevent such accidents.