The Senior Companion program is in need of individuals 60 years or older, who meet low-income guidelines and would like to help others.

The Senior Companion program is designed to help low-income senior citizens help other seniors while receiving a non-taxable stipend for their service.Senior companions work five days a week, four hours each day, in a variety of stations. Director Jim Slade said senior companions help other senior citizens by visiting them, offering one-on-one support, running errands and doing their shopping, and driving them to and from the doctor.

Besides receiving the $2.20 per hour stipend, the senior companion is also provided with accident and liability insurance, reimbursed for mileage, and receives a noon meal.

Barbara Odden, IHC volunteer coordinator, commented that many patients need someone to help with personal needs and tasks around the house. The Senior Companion program is able to fill these needs.

Senior companions working with newly released patients receive basic training and instructions on what they should help with before they begin their service. They also attend monthly in-service meetings.

Slade said the Senior Companion program is a great benefit to those senior citizens who need a little help each day. It is also a great way for the senior companions to feel the satisfaction of helping others while receiving some valuable benefits.

For more information on becoming a senior companion, call the United Way Volunteer Center at 374-8108.