SB120 (Carling) - Makes anabolic steroids a controlled substance.SB121 (McAllister) - Requires property and casualty insurers to report certain data.

SB122 (Richards) - Clarifies the meaning of "dangerous weapon" in the law against using a weapon in a crime.

SB123 (Pace) - Creates a highway users' account to provide indemnity to persons injured in car accidents.

SB124 (Christensen) - Adjusts the fee schedule in hazardous waste disposal.

SB125 (C.E. Peterson) - Removes the requirement that state health director be a physician.

SB126 (Pace) - Creates a financial institutions task force to look at changing state regulations.

SB127 (Swan) - Increases legislative pay from $65 a day to $75 a day.

SB128 (Pace) - Requires that those giving tattoos be licensed by the state.

SB129 (Farley) - Creates a task force to study the Labor Code.

SB130 (C.E. Peterson) - Allows the motor vehicle business administration to assess certain penalties.

SB131 (Hillyard) - Changes certain definitions in child sexual abuse law.

SB132 (Hillyard) - Makes repeated interference with visitation rights of a non-custodial parent a contempt of court and requiring the custodial parent in violation of the law be sent to jail.

SB133 (Hillyard) - Changes the jurisdiction of the Utah Supreme Court.

SB134 (Farley) - Changes sexist language in labor law relating to wages and working conditions.

SB135 (Myrin) - Gives a minimum monthly retirement benefit to public safety retirees.

SB136 (Hillyard) - Places a one-year moratorium on the State Tax Commission taxing interstate telephone bills and access charges.

SR3 (Tempest) - Adds an economic development standing committee to the Senate.


HB155 (Lewis) - Requires a certificate from the Public Service Commission for automated dialing machines, authorizes the commission to make and enforce rules for such machines and provides civil penalties.

HB156 (Rose) - Creates a homeless ombudsman program.

HB157 (Burningham) - Provides for insurance coverage of Tourette Syndrome.

HB158 (Jones) - Allows local schools boards to authorize the use of school buildings for day care services.

HB159 (Dmitrich) - Prohibits the discharge of offensive waste substances on lands adjacent to railroads in this state.

HB160 (Price) - Provides that volunteer firefighters are employees of local governmental entities for purposes of receiving workers' compensation benefits.

HB161 (Lewis) - Establishes a priority in severance tax valuation methodology.

HB162 (Lewis) - Establishes a definition of "escaped property," allows the Tax Commission to assess using escaped property provision, clarifies assessment jurisdiction over property not used for mining and allows proportional property tax payments by governmental entities.

HB163 (Dmitrich) - Defines certain deceptive advertising practices involving price comparisons and provides legal remedies for violations.

HB164 (White) - Requires the registrations of all substance abuse counselors, provides for their certification and creates a board of professional substance abuse counselors.

HB165 (Protzman) - Amends the definition of a neglected child.

HB166 (Bain) - Amends definitions and terminology used in the speech-language pathologist and audiologist licensing act and prohibits hearing aid dealers from the diagnostic testing of children under age 18.

HB167 (Nielsen) - Requires that railroad motor cars and on-track equipment have protective and safety devices.

HB168 (Valentine) - Removes the requirement of recording coordinates under certain circumstances.

HB169 (Valentine) - Requires the county recorder to maintain a special improvement district index in lieu of posting to a geographical index.

HB170 (Moran) - Requires applicants for a surface coal mining and reclamation permit to file a copy of the application for public inspection with the county clerk instead of the recorder.

HB171 (Moran) - Requires certain public utility associations to file specified information only with the county clerk.

HB172 (Wright) - Requires documents submitted to county recorders to be original or certified copies from other offices of public records.

HB173 (Wright) - Requires the filing of transparent, reproducible maps or plats in annexation cases.

HB174 (Wilson) - Clarifies surveyor election and duties, allows the designation of another office as a depository when there is no elected surveyor, permits the creations of a public land corner preservation fund and a fee schedule for that fund.

HB175 (Wilson) - Permits local government to exempt up to 30 persons from the state retirement system.

HB176 (Harward) - Revises the requirement for legislative approval of fees.

HB177 (Knowlton) - Provides for monthly sales tax distribution to local governments.

HB178 (Harward) - Includes vital statistics information in confidential information release provisions.

HB179 (Oscarson) - Provides a 25-year retirement option for members of the non-contributory retirement system and provides a period of time during which an employee may convert to the non-contributory system.

HB180 (Fox) - Enacts provisions implementing the federal law for commercial driver's licenses.

HB181 (Atkinson) - Requires the Office of Recovery Services to charge a fee for the collection of child support for persons who are not welfare recipients.

HB182 (Holmes) - Expands the use of the proceeds from the transient room tax.

HB183 (Harward) - Prohibits checks from being drawn against mortgage loan reserve accounts without a sufficient credit balance.

HB184 (Holt) - Allows cities and towns to withdraw from public transit districts under certain circumstances and deposit the transit tax into the general fund.

HB185 (Adams) - Changes the composition and meeting place of the Board of Indian Affairs.

HB186 (Lewis) - Repeals certain provisions and provides technical changes in the individual income tax laws.

HB187 (Lewis) - Defines retirement income for purposes of deducting it from state income tax.

HB188 (Lewis) - Provides an income tax deduction for net captial gains.

HJR10 (Hunter) - Proposes amending the Utah State Constitution to clarify the separation of powers provisions, the eligibility requirements to serve in the Legislature and to require the enactment of law governing conflicts of interests.

HJR11 (Wharton) - Encourages all political subdivisions of the state to voluntarily freeze their rate at the 1988 level for the 1989 tax year to provide the governor, the Legislature and the affected political subdivisions the opportunity to work together toward a solution to property tax limitation concerns.