To the editor:

News from Washington is that a recommendation has been made for members of Congress and others to receive a 50 percent increase in salary.I can understand a modest increase similar to pay raises recommended for state and local employees, but cannot approve this proposed amount.

As a city official of a municipality trying desperately to keep the cost of government down, I would strongly urge Congress to vote against this increase.

I believe the Congress is adequately compensated for the time they spend as lawmakers. If they are dissatisfied with the salaries and the many fringe benefits, I suggest they allow someone else to represent us as lawmakers.

I would also suggest a standing vote be taken so the populace will know how their congressmen voted on this issue.

I sincerely appreciate all they do for us in Washington, but feel very strongly this proposal should be defeated; after all, the Congress was knowledgeable about salaries and benefits before the elections.

Mayor Lavar C. McMillan

Murray City