More philatelic goodies are on tap for the second half of the 1989 U.S. stamp schedule.

This column recently reported on the schedule for the first half of the year, so here are the items the U.S. Postal Service has announced to conclude the year's schedule of issues. The second half is more tentative than the first with regard to dates, and there are certain to be some additions to the schedule.On Aug. 22, there will be a 25-cent commemorative stamp honoring the statehood of North Carolina. It will be followed on Aug. 30 by a 25-cent commemorative in tribute to Postal Service letter carriers.

The only stamp scheduled for September will be issued on the 25th and will be a 25-center in the Constitution Series. It hails the drafting of the Bill of Rights and will have its first-day site in Philadelphia.

A beautiful block of four designs (each of 25-cent denomination) featuring Prehistoric Animals will be released on Oct. 1. On Columbus Day, Oct. 12, an American Issue set honoring the famous explorer will depict Pre-Columbian Art and Customs. There will be two stamps in the set - one for airmail and one for domestic use.

The Christmas commemoratives, an annual event for the Postal Service, are slated for Oct. 19. As usual, there will be two designs - one contemporary and one traditional.

From Nov. 17 through Dec. 3, there will be a special set of 11 issues dedicated to the Universal Postal Union Congress to be held in Washington, D.C. The set will consist of stamps, post cards and aerogrammes.

Other stamps on the agenda, but with no definite dates as yet, are: a 25-cent commemorative for World Stamp Expo '89; a regular stamp in the Great Americans Series honoring Chief Sitting Bull; a 15-cent post card in the America the Beautiful Series featuring a scene at the seashore; and a 25-cent commemorative in the American Sports Series in tribute to baseball star Lou Gehrig.

Also, another in the Love Series, a 25-cent commemorative in the Literary Arts Series honoring Ernest Hemingway, a Special Occasions booklet of two designs (25 cents each), and two post cards in the America the Beautiful Series - one depicting Marshlands and the other showing Woodlands.

Changes and additions to this schedule will appear in future columns.

-The first fruit of the 1989 postal crop will be the 15-cent post card in the America the Beautiful Series.

Featured as the card's illustration is the Sonora Desert in the glow of sunset. The design is based on an original painting by Bart Forbes, who also created the artwork for the initial issue of this series, which depicted a bison grazing in a picturesque landscape.

Shown on the new design are saguaro cactus and ocotillo, a thorny plant, which are found in the Southwest. In the background are rugged mountains with a hawk at the left. "America the Beautiful" and "USA 15" appear at the bottom of the design.

The card will be issued on Jan. 13 in Tucson, Ariz., with ceremonies held in conjunction with the opening of the ARIPEX 89 stamp show.