According to a survey by Union Bank of Switzerland, the best shopping values in the world this year are in Manila, Rio de Janeiro and Lagos, Nigeria.

The bank's annual survey found that the world-low price on household appliances was in Rio, where a consumer can buy a refrigerator, frying pan, sewing machine, color TV, autofocus camera, steam iron, vacuum cleaner and hair dryer for $1,010. The same items purchased in major cities in America would cost $1,640. In Nairobi, Kenya, they could cost $4,640.Manila was found to be the best spot for women's clothing, where $110 would get a dress, blazer, a skirt, stockings and shoes.

Lagos was the best place to buy for men. There a two-piece suit, a blazer, jeans, a shirt, shoes and socks costs only $260. In Tokyo, the tab for the same items would total $2,030.