Gymnastics just wasn't fun any more for Ute junior Michelle Hilse, and after a long talk with Coach Greg Marsden, she decided over the weekend to retire.

"She had a real hard summer and fall," said Marsden. "She was having a hard time getting back and emotionally dealing with the intensity and the risk involved in the sport."She was miserable every day when she came to practice, and that's not what it's about."

An outstanding student academically, Hilse remains a student, keeps her gymnastics scholarship for another two quarters and is helping to run meets.

Marsden said the loss of Hilse had no effect on Monday's meet. "It really didn't change anything; she wasn't ready to perform," he said.

As a freshman, Hilse had the fifth-best all-around total in Utah history, 38.45, and she scored 9.75 in floor exercise against Alabama last season. "She made a great contribution to our program," Marsden said.