Until he is ruled out as a suspect in his wife's death, Paul Wach will not get custody of his 2-year-old daughter, a 3rd District judge said Tuesday.

The child, Heather Wach, is the subject of a custody dispute between Wach and the child's maternal grandparents, Ed and Dorothy Prince.Heather's mother, Dee Dee Wach, 19, was shot in the chest with a shotgun the night of Dec. 13 outside the Princes' home. Temporary custody has been granted to the Princes with no visitation rights to Paul Wach.

Judge Scott Daniels said Tuesday he will wait until after Salt Lake County sheriff's detectives have ruled out Paul Wach, 28, as a suspect in Dee Dee Wach's death.

"As long as he's a suspect and the case is active, I'm not inclined to give him the child," Daniels said.

Paul Wach's attorney, James Medlin, said there's no evidence his client murdered Dee Dee Wach. "He has a perfect alibi. His mother will testify he was with her and couldn't have gone anywhere without her seeing him."

A hearing has been set for Monday during which detectives will testify as to Paul Wach's status in the investigation.

Meanwhile, the Princes have established a trust fund for Heather at Valley Bank in Taylorsville, 4695 S. 27th West.