Three teenagers suffered injuries Monday night after breathing toxic gas fumes that were created when cleaning chemicals were mixed together.

Kristine Andersen, 17; LeAnne Holbrook, 15; and Joey Nemelka, 16, were treated at Pioneer Valley Hospital and later released, a nursing supervisor said. The three are employees at Hires fast-food restaurant, 2878 W. 47th South."Somebody was supposed to be cleaning the floor, and they just dumped a bunch of stuff together," said West Valley Fire Capt. Regan Perez. The mixture of bleach, lime scale, floor cleaner and another cleaning product created poisonous fumes that are dangerous, he said.

"This thing just went crazy," Perez said. "(One) kid got sick right away. It was foaming up in (her) face. I'm sure (her) lungs got burned pretty bad."

The fire captain said the fumes were confined mainly to a janitor's closet in the rear of the restaurant, and firefighters were able to ventilate the building without further problems.

A similar incident occurred Saturday morning at a West Valley grocery store. Perez said people should think twice before mixing household cleaning products.

"They think if one cleaner is good, then three is better. They just start grabbing things from the shelf and add a little of this and a little of that." Just because the item can be purchased at a store does not mean it can't be a dangerous chemical, he said.

"Just read the labels and know what you're dealing with," Perez warned.