Management problems and wilderness areas competing with timbering and other interests in Yellowstone National Park will be discussed during a lecture at 7:30 tonight in the East High School auditorium, 840 S. 13th East.

Ed Lewis, executive director, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Bozeman, Mont., will speak as part of the Utah Museum of Natural History's Greater Yellowstone Lecture Series.Other topics, speakers and dates in the series - $2.50 for one lecture or $12 for all talks - at the same time and place are "The Burning of Yellowstone National Park: A Blaze of Controversy," John Varley, Yellowstone chief of research, Jan. 23; "The Gray Wolf: The Missing Link in the Yellowstone Ecosystem," David Mech, wildlife research biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and author of "The Wolf," Jan. 30; screening of the film "Peacock's War," presented by naturalist Doug Peacock, Feb. 3; and "The Newmark Warning: Island Biogeography and American National Parks," David Quammen, essay writer for national magazines and author of "The Flight of the Iguana," Feb. 6.