Like many people who have "a certain age," Maggie Grubb Lambeth gets a little offended when asked how old she is.

"I'm not that old," said Lambeth, who along with her identical twin sister turned 105 on Friday.Lambeth's sister, Allie Grubb Hill, doesn't mind talking about her age, but then she's a few minutes younger.

The sisters, who are listed as the world's oldest living identical twins by the Guinness Book of World Records, celebrated at their home in the Mountain Vista Health Park in Denton, N.C. The two women lived in Davidson County all their lives, never more than two miles apart, and moved to the rest home two years ago.

"It's the Lord that has kept us here this long," Hill said.

Between them, Hill and Lambeth had 20 children, 15 of whom are living. They have 48 grandchildren, 90 great-grandchildren and 31 great-great-grandchildren.

Hazel Briles, 67, the second-youngest of Lambeth's nine children, said her mother kept her house spotless and her yard raked until she was in her 90s.

"She just enjoyed doing things like that," Briles said. "She was a real active person. Most everybody in our family is real active."

The two sisters rely on each other for companionship, and somehow manage to keep each other going, Briles said.

"They just don't make them like that anymore," she said.