Two human rights organizations have chastised the Reagan administration for providing military and financial assistance to military groups with poor human rights records.

In particular, the organizations cited aid to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, the UNITA insurgency in Angola, and the national armies of El Salvador, Guatemala, the Philippines, and the Sudan.The criticism was detailed in a report, "The Reagan Administration's Record on Human Rights in 1988," issued Monday by the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights and Human Rights Watch, a New-York based organization that monitors human rights worldwide.

The two groups praised the Reagan administration for placing a greater emphasis on human rights during the last few years than it had earlier.

But the report chastised the administration for largely disregarding "rights transgressions in a host of friendly countries that attract little public attention in the United States, such as Kenya, Somalia and the Sudan in Africa; Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Asia; and Jordan, Morocco and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East."