The Pentagon wants to spend more in West Germany than in any one of the United States except California on military construction projects in fiscal 1990.

Altogether, the Pentagon wants to spend almost $8.6 billion on such construction projects in fiscal 1990, with just five states accounting for almost $1.25 billion in work.More than $1 billion would be spend on projects outside the United States, with almost one-third of that - $316.1 million - going for proj-ects in West Germany.

If President-elect Bush and Congress go along, the big winners domestically will be California, with $486.5 million in proposed spending; Texas, with $238.8 million; Florida, with $194.2 million; New York, with $151 million, and Virginia, with $141.7 million.

Overseas, work in England would total $114.7 million. Projects in Italy would cost $98.8 million; those in the Philippines, $98.2 million, and those in South Korea, $89.2 million. Across Europe, some $557.9 million would be spent on so-called NATO Infrastructure projects.

Among the largest single proposals in the United States are $111.3 million for facilities to support the MX missile at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., and $100.5 million in new facilities at Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., to support the B-2 stealth bomber.