Denise Parker shot in five different events over the weekend and came home late Sunday with seven records, one that had stood for 11 years.

Parker, shooting in the first major event of the 1988 season, set records for junior and women's divisions in the NAA Indoor Regional/National archery shoot in Colorado Springs, Colo.On Friday, Parker broke a junior record, broke a second on Saturday then broke her first women's division record. Shooting at 25 meters, the 14-year-old South Jordan archer shot 576 of 600 to break the old record of 571 set in 1980. In the junior event she hit 578 of 600 to break a record of 562 she set one year ago in the event.

Sunday, shooting at the 18-meter distance, she broke, again, a record she set last year, then went on to set her second women's mark. In the junior division she hit 572 of 600. The record she set last year was 564. In the women's event she shot 574 of 600 at the 18-meter distance to set her fifth

record. The old record, set in 1977, was 573.

Parker also set records in aggregate scores in the junior and women divisions. In the junior division, breaking her own record of one year ago, she shot a combined score of 1,150 to beat the old mark by 24 points (1,126). In the women's combined she also shot a 1,150 which beat the old record of 1,137 set in 1984.

Entered in the national event were 30 girls and over 100 women from around the country. Figures from this event, as well as other regionals will be added to determine national honors. Those results won't be reported for about a week.

According to her mother, Valerie, the fact that Denise's coach, Tim Strickland of Arkansas, joined her at the event was a big help in her record-setting weekend.

"He was able to help her keep her mind focused on shooting . . . nothing else. That's not always an easy thing to do for a 14-year-old," she said upon returning from the event late Sunday.