Seven out of every 100 Soviets have a deep affection for Americans and 64 percent expressed friendliness, a Soviet survey said Tuesday. Only 0.2 percent were "openly hostile" toward the United States.

The poll of 800 people across a broad spectrum of Soviet society also showed that most people hoped that President-elect George Bush would continue the policies of rapprochement initiated by President Reagan. A majority said they believed U.S.-Soviet relations would improve."Soviet people have friendly feelings toward Americans," Tass said. "Seven percent expressed deep affection, 64 percent friendliness, 6 percent were indifferent, 12 percent treat Americans cautiously and only 0.2 percent were openly hostile," the news agency said in publishing the poll results.

The pollsters, the Institutue of Sociological Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences, said most Soviet people "wished that new U.S. President George Bush to pursue a peaceful policy and develop economic, scientific and cultural ties with the Soviet Union."