Bingham High School parents want an opportunity to help in the development of an AIDS curriculum and its implementation during the 1988-89 school year.

Joyce Muhlestein, Bingham's Parent/Teacher/Student Association president, told Jordan School Board members Tuesday that the parents are "deeply concerned for the welfare of children and youth in our community" regarding the threat of AIDS. She spoke on behalf of the school's Community Coalition for Youth Welfare and Education.

All Utah schools must prepare AIDS curricula under a mandate passed in the recent legislative session. The Bingham coalition hopes to work with the district from the beginning of plans to make the instruction conform to community standards and provide the greatest protection for students, Muhlestein said.

AIDS education should be based on strong moral values that emphasize premarital sexual abstinence, and monogamy and fidelity within the marriage relationship, the group's presentation said.

The coalition favors factual instruction using proper medical terms, including discussion of condoms "without condoning or encouraging their use by unmarried minors." Explicit explanation of sexual activities and deviate practices would be discouraged.

The parent group also would like "autonomy to approve the instructor(s) who will implement the program," perhaps even to the extent of selecting such instructors.

The board accepted the coalition's suggestions without official action.