The City Council wants to join Provo's Bayview landfill project, but not just yet.

The council agreed Tuesday to express its intent to Provo officials to join the project in three or four years, after filling the existing landfill in Lindon. The council hopes a written agreement and perhaps some financial help to Provo now will protect its interests later."There is always the chance that if we waited a few years, the cost to get in the project would go up. After Provo has done all the work, it might see the project as a money-making opportunity. I know we would," Councilman Norman Washburn said.

City Manager Daryl Berlin suggested Orem make a financial contribution during Bayview's development phase.

"If we have some sort of up-front financial commitment now, we can avoid problems later," he said.

Mayor Blaine Willes said such a commitment might give Orem a voice in the the placement of the refuse transfer station.

"Orem could save a lot of money over the years if it could haul the trash to a closer station," he said. "Provo needs to finalize the transfer station site within the next 75 days, so we need to act soon."

Reports to the council have projected Bayview will be more expensive, but council members admitted the Lindon site has problems.

"We couldn't pick a more visible site than we have," Councilman Norman Washburn said. "The Lindon site is right next to the freeway, and if we extend it, it will be next to the rest area. If we are trying to give tourists a good impression, that is the wrong place for a dump."

Other concerns are that the Environmental Protection Agency might tighten regulations, forcing the Lindon site to close, or the Lindon City Council might limit expansion of the site.

But Berlin said Bayview has some problems too. He said that legally only Provo can use the site.

"If they will make an agreement for the future, it will give us a chance to wrap up operation at Lindon and will give them a chance to work out the bugs at Bayview," he said.

Berlin also expressed the hope Provo would consider joining in a proposed countywide district that would lower costs for all cities.