The Springville World Folkfest has changed its name and taken its show on the road.

Unable to get monetary support from the City Council, the organizers have decided to go straight to the public."We changed our name to World Folkfest, Springville, Utah. We want people to know this festival belongs to Utah and the world. We are sure the people will support us," Colleen Drollinger, a member of the festival's board of directors, said Monday.

"Our volunteers started collecting donations door-to-door in Springville on Saturday. We had a poll taken a few months ago, and 84 percent of the people said the city should assist us in financing the festival. A lot of them also said they could make a small donation," she said.

City Council members did not view the poll as valid because a scientific method was not used. They voted to support the festival with services, such as power and the use of some park personnel, but voted against giving the festival the $35,000 the board had requested.

"It will take about $50,000 to pull off the festival," Drollinger said. "We needed the $35,000 as front money to buy equipment and advertising. We have gotten some donations in the mail, and from big business. If the neighborhood collections can raise $20,000, we should be able to pull this off."

Geneva Steel has agreed to donate $5,000 to the Folkfest.

Drollinger said she would not know how collections had gone until the boxes are returned in two week.

Fifteen countries have already committed to sending dance groups to the third annual Folkfest, Aug. 17-24.