A new game-show video for low-income mothers will try to make viewers winners by teaching them how to properly care for their newborns, researchers say.

The 15-minute video, titled "The Baby Game," will use a game-show format to convey information about infant nutrition and care. It's aimed at people who are turned off by informational presentations."We're using the strategy that, if it can be entertaining, it will be watched; therefore the information will get across," said Dennis Darmek, manager of television services at Marquette University.

The university is creating the video at the request of the Hunger Task Force of Milwaukee's Infant Nutrition Project.

The video features a host and three contestants affiliated with a comedy troupe, Darmek said. The mock game show depicts three new mothers in a hospital being told they were selected as contestants and asked questions on child care.

The video comes complete with commercials, which are public service announcements on infant care, he said. It will be shown to new mothers at Milwaukee-area hospitals just before they are released.

"This is a last-ditch effort to get across some important information," said Vickie Strattner, a registered nurse and task force volunteer.