A pamphlet distributed by the National Crime Prevention Council offers a number of tips for reducing the risk of rape. If you are attacked, stay as calm as possible and evaluate your resources and options. Don't resist if the attacker has a weapon, the pamphlet advises.

"It may be more advisable to submit than to resist and risk severe injury or death. You will have to make this decision based on the circumstances."Negotiating, stalling for time, distracting the assailant and fleeing to a safe place, and verbal assertiveness may turn off the attacker. Bizarre behavior - like throwing up, acting crazy, picking your nose or urinating - might also work.

It is important to not shower, bathe, douche or destroy any of the clothing you were wearing until you report the incident to the police and are examined by a doctor, the pamphlet says.

"Statistics show that rapes can occur at any time, but you need to use caution and don't let your guard down," said Scott Finch Provo Police crime prevention officer.