The sale of the historic Browning family mansion fell through because of the deteriorating local economy, said Robert Pett, a Brigham City general contractor who tried to buy the property.

An Ogden bank and two in Salt Lake City refused to finance the purchase, Pett said, because they were "too scared about the long-term prosperity of Ogden. I had everything set up except the long-term financing."The potential lenders "went through the area and saw how many properties were empty and for sale, so they backed off. They said wait until the economy improves to take another look at it," he said.

Built by firearms manufacturer John Moses Browning, the property includes the mansion and two smaller homes, which are rented. It is owned by the Ogden Your Community Connection group.

YCC director Gaye Littleton said the property is back on the market and could be sold in three pieces or as one unit. Pett had plans for an office building on the property.