Area cattle growers are offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person that recently killed a cow near Dead Horse Point State Park.

Grand County Deputy Curt Brewer said last week the Southeastern Utah Cattle Growers Association posted the reward after investigation suggested the animal had been shot."He had a large hole down the left front shoulder," Brewer said.

"There weren't any footprints or cow tracks, so we're thinking maybe somebody shot it from the road," he said. "There are people that do a lot of night hunting, which is legal with state permits. Maybe somebody just took a shot at the cow."

The adult, female Hereford was found approximately 400 feet from the road, about two miles from the park visitor center.

The killing was reported and investigated Sunday. Brewer said the dead animal was first spotted from the road Friday by a state park ranger who reported to a local ranchhand that "a cow was down."

The animal belonged to Jay Marchant of Peoa, according to the report. Brewer said it was valued at approximately $900.

Livestock killing is a second-degree felony.

Brewer said the cow was the second killed in Grand County over the past year. Another was slaughtered in the Deep Creek area last summer, but officers were unable to determine if it was shot because it was badly decomposed.